Driving performance

At CTM, we believe in the power of technology to help you help your customers. We stay ahead of the competition by understanding the power of data.

Advanced Payments

Cashless Payment Systems - Play Cards, Credit Card, Mobile Aps – reduce player friction and increase average revenue .

Purchase player credits at the game, from our tellers, or remotely - frictionless transactions

Machine-Level Data

Capturing data at the machine level allows us to optimize game placement and player engagement - we know where each machine will perform best.

Cloud based data - fully accessible on any device.

Global Network Data

Having a complete real - time picture of every game in every location allows us to take decisions and make adjustments that increase player engagement and your profitability.

Real -time health/status reporting ensures maximum up -time


Data -driven decisions through analysis of player behavior to maximize revenues.

We provide solutions for world class Theme Parks, Resorts, Museums, Aquariums, Cruise Ships, Tourist Attractions and Shopping Centers.