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CTM Group is one of the largest operators of amusement-related games and attractions in the United States and around the world. Our Game Room program is unique in the industry and provides the latest technology in coin- operated gaming in a fun, family-friendly atmosphere. Our partnerships are spread across the Theme and Amusement Park industry, Hospitality Industry, Retail Properties, and Cruise Lines.

Interactive Games and Simulators

Engaging multiplayer, augmented reality simulators and family- friendly entertainment.

Entertainment Spaces

Strategic design layout to maximize visibility and guest experience.

Revenue Sharing

No upfront or hidden costs

Redemption Centers

Staffed and unstaffed solutions to enhance your guest’s experience.

Cashless Payment & Game Management System

Seamless guest experiences, and turnkey business operations.

Souvenir Medallion & Penny Press Machines

Unique and exciting collectibles, provide unique and exciting guest experiences.

Cranes/Claw Machines

All varieties of merchandisers, claws, and instant win games.

Top-of-the-line Merchandise

Latest trends and up- to-date products keep players playing.


Penny Press and Medallion machines are a great way for guests to have unique keepsakes of their experience. Customized for the location in varying styles and options allow for each coin or medallion to be a unique collectors item. Today, more than 2,200 machines are placed throughout North America and in 16 countries.

Customized penny press machines
Electric or Non-electric machines, customized to fit your facility

Next Generation Penny Press Machines accept
Cash, Credit Card, Google or Apple Pay
Unique Engraving Options
Each machine can hold 4, 8 or 12 custom engravings


CTM emphasizes creating timeless memories hence the crane games and skill prizes are combinations of industry- leading services, the latest technology, and the trendiest toys, gadgets, movies, plus, and many more. An important aspect of operating these programs is the presentation. CTM crane equipment is well lit with one level of plush neatly presented on a bed of fake glass ice and showcases the high-end products. Samples of the product are precisely displayed on shelving for ease of viewing.

Trendiest Prize Options
Products ranging from the newest gadgets to plush toys
Engaging prize displays
CTM prides itself on showcasing the latest prizes in the most appealing ways, routinely rotated to increase customer interest.
Latest Technology coupled with industry-leading services
CTM studies what works best for you and your customers to identify and increase revenue on crane and merchandise machines.


For over 20 years, CTM has delivered high quality attractions enhancing guest experiences and exceeding client expectations. With over 40 different floor tile options, in house production staff and offerings from carousels, kiddie coasters and candy kiosks, CTM can customize any space to meet your guests demands.

In-house professionals coordinate to manufacture the entire program
Clean and inviting games for kids. Standard and photo rides available. Photo rides are a great way to give a souvenir to mom.
Proven track record rolling out new, innovative, and successful products
CTM works closely with the top manufacturers of Kiddie Rides to bring you the best the market has to offer.
Numerous attractions to entertain guests from 2 to 10 years old
CTM makes sure that our Kiddie Rides are what your customers enjoy and are attractive to display in your location.
We provide solutions for world class Theme Parks, Resorts, Museums, Aquariums, Cruise Ships, Tourist Attractions and Shopping Centers.