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Who We Are?

Our arcades are designed to encourage creating timeless memories through play and social engagement, with plenty of multiplayer games, party rooms, and prizes worth sharing. There’s no shortage of ways to laugh, play, smile, and have a blast.
A fresh twist on the classic arcade. Featuring vintage and modern games, along with a few from the future, At The Pier Arcade taps into the power of play to bring families closer together, take friends to wild new worlds, and create timeless memories you can replay again and again.

What does ‘At the Pier Arcade’ offer to the guests?
Why we will support children?

Enjoy everywhere at more than 90 locations across the US and Puerto Rico.

Enjoy 25,000 games and attractions designed by a professional team.

Enjoy games from retro classics to futuristic wonders through the state-of-the-art technology.

Plan ahead to enjoy a personalized and fun experience.

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Our Products
At The Pier Arcade has something for each member of your family. The young kids, the teens, and even the parents can all get their share of fun from the selection of activities available. Here are some of the most common ones:
CTM - Why we will support children_
  • Cranes/Claws
  • Prize Merchandisers
  • Air Hockey
  • Coin Pushers
  • Skee-Ball
  • Basketball
  • Interactive video games
With this array of diverse activities, At The Pier Arcade is a family entertainment center that caters to the whole family.

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